Wildlands Philanthropy The Great American Tradition

Written by: Tom Butler
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Product Description

Wildlands Philanthropy takes readers on a visually spectacular tour of natural landmarks from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and around globe. With more than 175 color photographs and a large-format design, Wildlands Philanthropy is a book grand enough to tell the inspiring stories of people who saved extraordinary places. From Muir Woods National Monument to Acadia National Park, from beloved icons to obscure natural areas, the 40 parks, refuges, and sanctuaries featured in the book represent the incredible diversity of wildlife habitats that have been saved through private initiative during the past century. The amazing people who invested their passion and wealth to secure these scenic treasures come from every walk of life and every corner of the country, suggesting that everyone — regardless of means — can join the great American tradition of individual action on behalf of wild nature.

Editorial Reviews

Bruce Babbitt, chairman, World Wildlife Fund, and former U.S. Secretary of the Interior : “These remarkable stories of individual initiative should inspire every American to ask—what can I do to help preserve our natural heritage?”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman, Waterkeeper Alliance, and author, Crimes Against Nature : “Conservation philanthropy is an enduring centerpiece of America’s civic traditions. Its fruits enrich the lives of every citizen and strengthen our democracy. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, Americans can still find the root of our nation’s most fundamental political, cultural, and moral values in those large swaths of wilderness that have been permanently preserved by private philanthropy.”

Steve McCormick, president, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and former president, The Nature Conservancy: “The greatest legacy we can leave future generations is nature, in all its richness and splendor, providing values that defy conventional measure. This magnificent book stirringly celebrates those great humanitarians who ensure that future generations will remember us not just for what we create, but for what we refuse to destroy.”

About the Author

Tom Butler is the editorial projects director for the Foundation for Deep Ecology, and a long-time conservation activist focused on wilderness and biodiversity. He is a founding board member and current vice president of the Northeast Wilderness Trust, the only land trust in the northeastern United States focused exclusively on protecting forever-wild landscapes. His book Wild Earth: Wild Ideas for a World Out of Balance collected essays from the conservation journal Butler edited from 1997–2005. For Wildlands Philanthropy, he immersed himself in the creation stories of parks, refuges, and nature preserves established over the span of a century. In these tales of struggle and success he found both inspiration and a greater appreciation for the way protected areas have richly affected the American experience, offering blessings of beauty, wildness, and hope to future generations.