Fierce Beauty Preserving the World of Wild Cats


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Product Description

Fierce Beauty is a celebration of tigers, leopards, lions, ocelots, and other wild cats that inhabit The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS), a wildlife preserve in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The institute’s fifty acres are home to more than one hundred rare animals, from ligers (a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress) that stretch nearly twelve feet long to cheetahs capable of running seventy miles per hour.

Featuring dozens of exclusive new portraits from preeminent nature photographer Tim Flach, Fierce Beauty depicts the beauty, power, and grace of these remarkable creatures as never before. And with more than 300 images of wild cats and essays by such distinguished conservationists as zoologist and TV personality Jim Fowler, Dakota Zoo director Terry Lincoln, and a foreword by renowned actor Robert Duvall, Fierce Beauty enables readers to experience the vibrant form, bold markings, and striking personalities that make wild cats unique cohabitants of mankind.

Editorial Reviews

Robert Duval, from the foreword: "Look at the beautiful creatures displayed in this remarkable book. The experts call them 'animal ambassadors,' tigers, pumas, and other rare cats who go out to meet people and rekindle the lost connection we once had to the natural world. I applaud the work of Doc Antle, his associates, and the good folk in private preserves worldwide who dedicate their lives to protecting these masterpieces of nature from extinction. They allow us to hope that we might still turn things around so that our grandchildren can know the splendors that today are quickly fading into memory."

About the Author

Bhagavan "Doc" Antle, Author: Bhagavan “Doc” Antle is the director of the Myrtle Beach Safari wild animal preserve in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the founder of the Rare Species Fund, which supports animal conservation projects around the world.

Robert Duvall, Contributor: Robert Duvall is an American actor and director, starring in some of the most acclaimed and popular films and TV shows of all time. He and his wife Luciana Pedraza are active supporters of Pro Mujer, a non-profit charity organization dedicated to helping Latin America's poorest women; and of efforts to preserve endangered species, particularly tigers.

Tim Flach, Photographer: Tim Flach is a photographer best known for his highly conceptual portraits of animals. His images of animals are a departure from traditional wildlife photography and he has been described as “a potent example of a commercially trained photographer who’s now reaching a global audience through the boom in fine art photography.” His clients include the Sunday Times, Cirque du Soleil, Sony, Hermès and the Locarno International Film Festival. His images have twice been featured on U.K. Royal Mail stamps and his fine art prints are represented in London by the Osborne Samuel gallery. Flach has repeatedly been honored by leading organizations and publications including the Association of Photographers, American Photography, Photo District Annual, Communication Arts, Creative Review and Design & Art Direction. He is the recipient of the International Photography Awards Professional Photographer of the Year.

Barry Bland, Photographer: Barry Bland is an internationally acclaimed photographer specializing in photography of animals both wild and tame. With over fifteen years experience Barry's work has been published in hundreds of magazines and newspapers around the world. His work regularly appears in UK newspapers including the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, and The Independent. In the U.S. he has been published in the New York Daily Post, The Daily News, In Touch, and People Magazine. In the UK his work has been seen on BBC, ITV and Sky News television. In the U.S. his photos have appeared on Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, ABC and NBC News, Good Morning America, and Inside Edition.


PubWest Book Design Awards: 2013 - Silver - Photography

Nautilus Book Award: 2-13 - Gold - Photography/Art

IPPY Award: 2013 - Gold - Environment/Ecology/Nature