Altar Your Space A Guide to the Restorative Home

Written by: Jagatjoti S Khalsa


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Product Description

Humble or grand, your home should be your sanctuary. For many of us, however, what often used to be a safe haven has become a place to “put our stuff." Altar Your Space will show you how to set an intention, surround yourself with things that bring you to life, and infuse your home with consciousness.

Sacred furnishings, beautiful pieces sculpted by human hands from real wood, colorful textiles imbued with spirit and purpose—these should be the foundation of one’s home. Finding the traditional role of interior designer outmoded in many ways, guide Jagatjoti Singh Khalsa provides a foundation for an exploration of self-discovery through the expression of “altaring” one’s home environment.

Using bold examples of transformed homes including those of Sharon Stone, Jeremy Piven, Joely Fisher, Adrienne Brody, and Shiva Rae, Khalsa demonstrates how to create a sense of sacredness in your living space—whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, a children’s playroom, a home office, or the entire house. Drawing inspiration from the East, a team of craftsmen and artisans in Rajasthan, and elsewhere in India, Khalsa suggests simple ways to fill your home with a spirit-infused décor. Discover within these pages the creative use of antique Chinese wagon wheels, silk bedding, Tara statues, Asian pine tables made from 300-year-old railroad ties, antique screen doors and Kela vine bedding that bring an eastern sensibility into the modern home.

Including 150 full-color photographs, Altar Your Space illuminates how small changes and a new perspective can make all the difference in the effort to live a grateful and radiant life.

Editorial Reviews

Jeremy Piven, Emmy Award Winning Actor: “Jagatjoti has a great eye for the energy of a space, specifically my space; he greatly helped make it sacred, sweet and calming and will continue to do so!”

Annbeth Eschbach, CEO and Founder, Exhale Spas : “Jaga is an inspiration to me and to our business. He is a visionary that sees new paradigms, yet he understands the power of building an identity from the inside out, consciously, responsibly, and intelligently. We talked about the importance of "environment" and "energy" and the role these experiential elements play in expressing identity ... whether it’s a retail store, a spa, a yoga studio, or your home or office. Jaga gets it. He does it. Can't wait to readabout it.”

Robert Wisdom, Actor for The Wire (HBO) : “How do we find our own interior sacred space … how can this be reflected in our homes and lives? By collaborating with Jagatjoti Khalsa, the holy trickster, we can move in the direction of self discovery and generate a deeper appreciation for beauty in our daily lives. His vision and aesthetic help us to connect with the divine.”

About the Author

Jagatjoti Khalsa is the founder of Tara Home in Venice, California, which specializes in sacred home furnishings and antiquities from the world’s most spiritually blessed locations. Tara Home not only focuses on the design needs of the client, but also the underlying personal and spiritual needs that clients may or may not recognize within themselves. He has also worked in the natural foods industry at KIIT, the parent company of Yogi Tea.